A positive view of health

Better data about hospital medicines usage - frontline NHS staff deserve nothing less

In the current climate, it is easy to follow accepted thinking about health and care. People live years, even decades longer, and this can place incredible strain on already challenging and labour-intensive areas of healthcare, both financially and generally. Many conditions like dementia and Parkinsons’ require involved and attentive care, as do the families that support and love the patients who suffer. Increased awareness of mental health places a great burden of care, across all ages, on an already struggling system. The effects of a global pandemic have only highlighted these difficulties, and the complexity of their solutions. 

In the aftermath of the pandemic, the situation seems desperate and urgent action is needed. Every day we hear that the very survival of systems like the NHS is in peril.

Triscribe takes a different view. These problems are, after all, the result of some of humanity’s greatest successes, eradicating that which would kill us before we live a long and fulfilled life. From a universal panacea, like penicillin, to more individual success stories, like vaccinations against polio, diphtheria or even measles, we are achieving our collective goal of living longer, and without the threat of many painful diseases. The developed world constantly strives to extend these privileges to the less wealthy parts of the world, and continue to stop disease. The pandemic effort, in fact, exemplifies this drive.

We have made many advances towards one of our goals--preventing premature deaths--but with these advances, come a new set of challenges. As such, we must change our attitudes to best overcome these challenges, and learn how to live not just longer, but healthier. While our current system is the bedrock of our success, its creators could not have foreseen this situation. We must adapt, in order to continue. We must work towards better quality of life, and extend these benefits, once realised, to the less fortunate. 

Digital technology has a major role to play in the solution to the issues of longer life. Innovations in digital health can help further the founding principle of the NHS--effective healthcare for every citizen, and can do so in a way that suits the needs and lifestyles of the modern citizen. Technology provides an unprecedented opportunity to improve health and care.

Our aim at Triscribe is to help realise the incredible potential of this opportunity. The focus is providing better data about the use of medication in NHS hospitals. Triscribe analytics and AI support medicines stewardship and medication safety. Pharmacists, nurses and doctors cannot get this information any other way.

We do this by offering the best, proven, modern technology to the NHS. Frontline clinicians deserve nothing less.